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Senior High

Senior High Ministry

Senior High is a time of discovery and exploration.  A time of learning our skills and strengths and finding where we can best use them.  At Good Shepherd, our goal is to be with the youth as they discover who they are and to show that God is there to share the journey.  We also seek to provide opportunities for youth to use their strengths and to live out their faith.  “Let us walk with you on the journey of faith!”

Serving Together

Faith is not just something that we learn and keep to ourselves; faith is meant to be shared!  Our collaborative ministry provides opportunities for youth to go out and put their faith in action alongside churches in the St Paul Area.  These are times to continue to grow in relationship with Christ and our neighbors together.

Gustavus Retreat
Join us on this quick getaway from November 4-5 as we retreat to Gustavus Adolphus College for a time to Pause, Renew and Experience Sabbath.  We are partnering with other churches in the Twin Cities for this opportunity as we intentionally walk together through spiritual renewal and stress relief practices for when life gets busy.  Cost of the retreat is $35.

Retreat Registration

Potato Packing with Union Gospel Mission
On Thursday, November 16th from 7 – 10 PM Senior High Youth are invited to serve together with our neighboring youth groups to join Union Gospel Mission and help with packing potatoes and food bags for distribution. Take some time and give back to your community this holiday season! This opportunity will take place at the Men’s Campus (435 University Ave. E, St. Paul, MN).  Sign up HERE to help!

Mission Experience

Get ready for a westward journey next summer as our mission experience will take us all the way out to the Flathead Valley in Montana!  We will be partnering with Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp for a week’s worth of service work with organizations such as Lighthouse Christian Home, United Way, Shepherd’s Hand and more who work to best serve the needs of the Flathead community. Registration for the 2018 mission experience is now available!

Participants for the Mission Experience will continue to meet every second Sunday of the month for team building, community learning and fundraising efforts.

Mission Experience Registration
Registration for the 2018 Mission Experience to Flathead Valley is now open!  Register by November 12 to secure a spot by filling out the form below along with a $150 non-refundable deposit.

Mission Trip Registration

9th Grade Affirmation of Faith

We are excited to take the next step and continue to walk with you on the journey of faith as we celebrate your Affirmation of Faith!  We have developed a special six-week ministry to help you prepare for your transition from Confirm†Faith to Adult Membership.  These six-weeks lead up to the Affirmation of Faith Celebration on Sunday, October 29, when you will publicly affirm the promises give to you at the time of your baptism.

Prior to the Affirmation of Faith Celebration, youth will participate in Dependable Strengths, a vocational program to help our 9th grade youth prepare for their transition from Confirm†Faith to Adult membership.  Youth will meet Sunday mornings at 9:15am starting Sunday, September 10, where they will identify their core skill, abilities, traits and positive characteristics which make them unique for God’s work in the world.

  • September 8-9 ~ Overnight Retreat & Team Quest
  • September 10 ~ My Good Experiences
  • September 17 ~ Dedication Sunday
  • September 24 ~ My Strengths
  • October 1 ~ Proving My Strengths
  • October 8 ~ Confirming My Convictions
  • October 15 ~ Church Council Round Table & Commitment
  • October 27 ~ Reception & Rehearsal
  • October 29 ~ Affirmation of Faith Celebration

Reception & Rehearsal
All 9th grade youth and their immediate family are invited to join us Friday evening starting at 6:00pm for appetizers and a special toast, hosted by the Good Shepherd Lutheran staff.  At 6:30, rehearsal for Sunday’s Affirmation of Confirmation service begins in the Sanctuary, followed by a special worship where youth will receive Bibles and their Blessing Letters from friends and family.

Affirmation of Faith Celebration
All 9th grade youth will have the opportunity to affirm their faith during a special worship service on Sunday, October 29 at 1:00pm.  All family, godparents and friends are invited to come and support our youth as they publicly affirm the promises given to them at the time of their baptism.  Photos will be held after the worship service.  We ask that youth arrive at 12:30pm to get robes and flowers ready.

9th Grade Registration

Weekly Gatherings


Our 10†25 ministry draws its purpose from the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25).  In the words of Lyle Griner, creator of Peer Ministry Leadership, Good Samaritan leadership “is a lifestyle of caring, welcoming, and affirming every neighbor.  We believe that all are called to a vocation of loving others, as a response to a loving God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”  10†25 welcomes all high school youth and seeks to provide a time and place where we can learn together how we can live a Good Samaritan lifestyle.

10†25 meets weekly during the school year on Wednesday evenings starting at 5:30pm.  We will start our weekly gatherings again on Wednesday, September 20.

Java with Jesus

Come and get connected with Jacob, Pastor Leesa and other Senior High youth as we begin the school week with a nice hot cup of coffee (or a Caribou Cooler…).  Stop on by before the school day begins!  We meet every Monday beginning at 6:30am at the Caribou Coffee off of Cahill Ave.