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Adult Ministry

At Good Shepherd we believe that getting to know each other and having fun together helps build a deep sense of community. 

If you have ideas for bringing adults together for life-long learning or social events, please email them to

Learning Opportunities

At Good Shepherd, we think developing faith is a life-long journey.  Therefore, we offer Bible Studies and other Educational Experiences throughout the week for children, youth and adults.  These educational opportunities are designed to challenge, stretch and deepen faith, as it is lived out in our homes, workplaces and world.

Devotion & Enrichment

YogaDevotion: Classes begin in the breath, centering ourselves in the Presence of God, setting aside all that distracts us from the relationship God intends for us. The devotional time at the beginning of class opens with Scripture that speaks to a practice of faith during the breath work. The body of the class is a combination of standing, balance and floor poses. Music and silence are used to intentionally listen for God’s voice. The classes close with restorative yoga, a practice of calm alertness that allows reflection and thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives.


Bible Study

Pastor Tommy is leading a bible study on the Gospel of Luke. Join us on the journey through this Gospel on Tuesdays @ 6:30pm and Thursdays @10am. It is the same bible study both sessions each week, so come to whichever one best fits your calendar. It is never too late to join! So even if you missed the beginning or even if you can only attend one or two sessions, we will be happy to have you along.

An additional Bible Study led by Scott Campbell is currently studying the Twelve Disciples, and it meets Thursdays at 7pm.


It is our goal to create opportunities for Adults of all ages to learn and grow in their faith through learning opportunities and social events.

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