Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

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childrens-introInter†Generational Ministry

Good Shepherd’s Inter†Gen Ministry Team provides a variety of offerings to help grow faith in children, families and people of all ages.  Worship and education classes are offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our goal for children is to learn that they are all chosen and loved by God.  We will go in depth to learn how God’s Spirit guides us to live like Christ by loving and serving others. Special Inter†Gen Ministry Events are offered throughout the year for all ages. We encourage and welcome key adults to attend classes, events and worship as much as possible with their children. Studies have shown that parents are the number one influential person/s in growing faith that “sticks” with their children throughout their lifetime.  Jesus † is the heart of all our offerings.

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Confirming Faith is discovering more deeply what has always been known and that which was made visible through baptism – that we are God’s beloved children.  We are excited to walk with you on the journey of faith as this reality unfolds for each of us! Our goal with ConfirmFaith is for Youth to connect Faith to life, to become disciples/servants of Christ, to gain knowledge of Lutheran traditions and to develop and nurture their relationships with peers, parents and their faith community.

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senior-highSenior High

Senior High is a time of discovery and exploration.  A time of learning our skills and strengths and finding where we can best use them.  At Good Shepherd, our goal is to be with the youth as they discover who they are and to show that God is there to share the journey.  We also seek to provide opportunities for youth to use their strengths and to live out their faith.  “Let us walk with you on the journey of faith!”

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adult-introAdult Ministry

At Good Shepherd we believe that getting to know each other and having fun together helps build a  deep sense of community that is vital to our well-being as individuals and the health of the community.  Therefore, we schedule special social and service events throughout the year.

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womens-introService to Others

All ages at Good Shepherd are focused on serving others through works of charity and works of justice in our community and throughout the globe.  We believe Jesus’ own mission was characterized from the beginning by what the Church has come to call social ministry and service to others.

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Together on the Journey

We are a vibrant faith community with all generations of God’s children walking side by side on life’s journey.  Together, we experience God’s grace, love and forgiveness through Worship, Service, Learning and Social Activities.