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Wedding / Baptism / Funeral

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

Baptism is a special time for the Family of God. We welcome a sibling into the faith community, and we are reminded of the promise that God is making visible to us in our own Baptism; we are God’s beloved child and heirs to eternal life.

Through the waters of baptism we celebrate our identity as one of God’s beloved children who is sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. Baptism confirms that wherever we go in this world, God goes with us.

If you have questions about baptism please contact one of the pastors. or

Schedule a Baptism

Baptism is a community event that includes the entire congregation, one’s faith family, who makes a promise, along with parents and sponsors, to partner together in raising the child in faith.  We welcome and celebrate the baptized at the worship service of your choosing: 8:30 or 9:45am.  Please call or email the church office to schedule a date.

Once you have scheduled the baptism through the office, for you to learn more about this gift of grace, we offer a baptism class the first Sunday of each month (October to June) from 10:45-11:30am in Room 2.  If you are unable to attend the class, please set up an individual appointment with one of the pastors.  The office can assist you in setting up this appointment when you schedule the baptism.

Weddings & Marriage Preparation

A wedding is a most important event in one’s life and marriage is an extraordinary gift of God. We at Good Shepherd want to help you prepare not just for your wedding but for your life together.  Therefore, we want to help you prepare, not just for your wedding, but also for your life together in marriage.

Please read our Wedding Booklet for more information that will help guide the process and make planning easier.  Please then call or email the church office to schedule your wedding.  651.451.6225 or

Wedding Booklet

Funerals and Memorial Services

It is our privilege at Good Shepherd to walk with you on your journey when you grieve the death of your loved one.  To celebrate the life journey of your loved one, we will help you plan and implement a funeral or memorial service.  In this difficult time, we will remind you and your family of the assurance of hope in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We request a director from a funeral home or the cremation society be present the day of the service to assist.  We will also help you arrange a meal or dessert reception following the service.

Please contact the church office to schedule a funeral or memorial service in the sanctuary or at a local funeral home.  651.451.6225 or

Funeral Planning Policy

Funeral Planning Guide