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Children’s Educational Ministry

The primary focus of Sunday is Bible education through the use of purposeful learning activities while the Wednesday class involves Bible education plus more time in physical activities such as outdoor games for children who thrive in active settings.  This year we are suggesting that parents and/or grandparents attend these intergenerational classes with their children.  Studies have shown that parents are the number one influential person/s in growing faith that “sticks” with their children throughout their lifetime.

In addition to weekly classes, we offer a Bible instruction class every fall for Grade 3 and Communion classes in the fall and spring.

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Sunday†School educational ministry is offered at 9:15am on Sunday mornings.  One large group setting is provided for children in Pre-K (ages 3-5) thru Grade 5.  During our time together we split into age-related small groups for deeper learning opportunities with friends and adults.  We use the lectionary system as our faith base so scripture passages learned in worship are also being taught to our young ones.  This way parents, children and youth are all on the same page of learning, which encourages conversations and questions at home.  Families are encouraged to attend worship services together before or after this class to develop a pattern of regular worship attendance that will continue through the years.

Wednesday Night†Live during Lent begins at 5:30pm on Wednesday evenings for children in Kindergarten-Grade 5.  We will have class which includes a pizza dinner and a Christian children’s movie in the Education hall followed by family Lenten worship at 6:30pm.  Parent’s, guardians and youth are welcome to attend and help out as needed.  Please email if you would like to participate.

Activity†Alley is being offered on Wednesday evenings at a nearby off-site choir location starting at 5:45 for children ages 0 to 5.  It provides an evening of fun Bible story activities and games.  This is a great option for parents with young children who are in choir, would like childcare for the 6:30pm worship service or are helping out with Confirmation or Wednesday Night†Live.