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Lenten Worship

A 40-Day Journey of Noticing God More

When you think of Lent, chances are one of the first things that come to mind is “giving something up,” as in “I’m giving up chocolate for Lent.” That is sort of right. But not quite. When you stop doing something you’re used to doing (like eating dessert), you notice different things. Lent is like that.

Our Lenten Series, adapted by a Fuller Youth Institute curriculum, will provide opportunities to consider subtracting something from our lives. Subtracting something is not just for the sake of ‘giving something up’ or to assist us in earning God’s favor or to punish us for what we did or did not do all the other seasons of the church year. Rather, together we will weekly subtract something so we – or perhaps God – can add something new, in order for us to notice God more.

Lenten Worship
Wednesdays at 12:00 & 6:30pm

In the parking lot by the cross or in your car listening on your radio

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 17, we will meet each week for a worship service that will call on us to “Notice the Moment” and “Notice God’s Word”. Gather near the cross or stay warm in your car listening to the service on your radio. We will read from scripture, sing Holden Evening Prayer. engage in a short activity, and receive Holy Communion.

February 17 (Ash Wednesday) ~ Notice, Matthew 6:1-18
February 24 ~ Unplug, Exodus 20:8-11
March 3 ~ Receive, John 1:1-16
March 10 ~ Yield, Philippians 2:1-11
March 17 ~ Simplify, Matthew 6:25-34
March 24 ~ Lament, Psalm 77


Lent-in-a-bag is filled with symbols to create a Lenten Prayer Space at home, along with weekly activities and devotions to assist individuals and families in practicing Lent at home. Each week’s experience is contained in a sandwich-sized bag along with instructions. The activities and devotion themes coincide with the weekly message at the outdoor worship service on Wednesdays.

Lent-in-a-Bag distribution begins on Ash Wednesday following worship (one per household). You can also stop by the church to pick up your household’s bag beginning February 18. We suggest calling the church office in advance.